One of the aspects of the new volunteer run Werrington Library and Wellbeing Centre which has really taken off is the Community Shop where people donate items for sale. Because of its success the amount of space has had to be doubled over the past few weeks and so is proving to be an important fundraiser for the venture. If you have any unwanted items just drop them off or they will collect.

One of the many famous name items donated was a Beswick Horse which an eagle-eyed volunteer noticed could be of value and checked it out on the internet with the result that they contacted TV antiques star Charles Hanson who readily agreed to help, and waive his fees to benefit the group and so the item will be in a forthcoming sale at Hanson’s Salerooms in Etwall, near Derby.

Charles is now working with the Werrington Volunteers to organise a special valuation day which will help put the villages unique Library and Wellbeing Centre even more on the national map.

Our photograph shows volunteers Betty Johnson, Jean Fryer and Jean Shaw handing over the Beswick Horse to Charles Hanson