Werrington Library & Wellbeing Centre to be Operations Base for new road safety campaign for Ash Bank

Because not enough people have been killed or injured on Ash Bank the County Council have refused to deal with speeding issues on the road. The Werrington Community Volunteers Group does not think this makes sense – what we should be doing is making the road safer so preventing future catastrophes.  As a result group member Ross Ward is to spearhead the introduction of the Community Speedwatch initiative which has been so successful in other areas.

Community Speedwatch (CSW) is a locally driven initiative where active members of the community join together with the support of the Police to monitor speeds of vehicles using speed detection devices. Vehicles exceeding the speed limit are referred to the Police with the aim of educating drivers to reduce their speeds.

Volunteers receive appropriate training, and are supported by neighbourhood policing team (NPT) staff. The scheme aims to cater for the problem of real or perceived speed related offending, and through partnership with the community it is to be used in circumstances that are necessary, justifiable and proportionate in order to: – Reduce death and injury on the roads – Improve the quality of life for local communities – Reduce the speed of vehicles to the speed limit – Increase public awareness of inappropriate speed. Speedwatch is a proactive solution to improve the safety and quality of life for everyone in the community.

Operations Base for the project is Werrington Library & Wellbeing Centre which after only nine months can boast to being the hub for over 30 different local initiatives.  If you would like to know more or join Ross Ward’s Speed Posse e-mail him at – [email protected]